Scott’s unique value proposition in the market is creating insightful, relevant and engaging presentations to meet the personalized needs of his audience. Given Scott’s vast international experience, he offers each client a global and culturally sensitive perspective.


Celebrate! Lessons Learned from the World’s Most Admired Organizations

“Celebration” is one of the most effective ways to engage employees, improve team performance and raise productivity. In this entertaining, interactive, content-rich session, you will learn how to create a culture of innovation....

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The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It

In these globally competitive, disruptive times, resourcefulness and innovation are essential to survival. This program is a fast-paced, humorous call-to-action that will show your attendees how to become a victor—rather than a victim—of change. They will learn to be driven not by circumstances and emotions....

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Connecting with Customers

Customer expectations have dramatically changed over the years. Today, satisfying the needs of your customers by providing fast, efficient service is no longer enough. The most successful companies move beyond customer satisfaction and engage customers in a memorable experience that is consistent...

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Sell-e-brate! Winning the Hearts and Business of Tomorrow’s Customers

This useful and entertaining program explores how to use celebration, humor and value-adding creativity to give your sales team a competitive advantage. These important tools, along with the “Sell-e-brate Mindset”, will help generate new clients and keep...

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“Stop chasing the likes and do more likable things.” An interesting thought from Mark Schaefer, the morning speaker at a…

1. Re-gift a Token of Love Day. Re-gift anything that represents love in some way. Go through your basement or…

The following gem of an idea—useful and beneficial both in and out of the workplace—comes from Want to create…

Awards Received by Scott Friedman

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2014 Lifetime Achievement

Cavett Awards
2013 The Cavett Award

MPI Rise Awards

See what our clients say:

“We loved your presentation and I have received nothing but praise about it. I have heard employees say ‘Thank you,’ ‘I loved it,’ and ‘Good choice on the speaker.’ …I truly feel that your one speech alone created a healthier and happier workplace so thank you again for your time and wisdom!”

Todd Poer
Mesa Public Schools

“I loved your talk at the recent HR Summit in Dubai and found it most unusual and innovative in its approach. I hope to incorporate the ideas that you communicate so effectively to our community.”

Felix Mascarenhas
People First Consultancy

“I love your new Celebrate program! It’s the perfect blend of entertainment and usable ideas! I’m already plotting my next surprise.”

Yvonne Miranda
American Chamber of Commerce, Malaysia

“As usual, Scott, you did a fantastic job! Your evaluation score and all the positive comments say it all! Your upbeat message was a great start to the day. I will definitely sing your praises to my education directors around the country.”

Cookie Dorsey
Texas Credit Union League

“THE RAVES ARE IN! We have had many talented speakers over our 45-year history, however, none have held our audience spellbound as you did! Everyone left with a new concept of communication with humor; information that can prove beneficial as they administer their daily care and throughout their lives. Most impressive – full of surprises.”

Carol Rogers
New Jersey Assn. of Health Care Facilities

“I want to compliment you on your performance. You are a very smart guy. When you and I spoke, I had no idea how you were going to use the stuff we discussed. The result was that you were able to talk about our industry as if you intimately knew it. That impressed me.”

Tony Drost
Boise, ID

“You were WONDERFUL!!!!!!! Thank you SO much. I had such a bad day yesterday and after listening to you today. I felt like it was all nothing. You are an outstanding speaker, the best I have ever heard.”

Mary Zaitz
Arapahoe County PW&D

“My opinion of a good program is when it causes you to do something different. Two of my salespeople called after your program and mentioned they used your suggestions in handling a difficult situation, by avoiding the pothole and course correcting.”

Master Brand Cabinets Inc.

“In short: Thanks for blowing their socks off with your special wholesome humor!”

New Jersey Association of Health Care Facilities

“Our employees at the Navy Army Credit Union were entertained as well as motivated (not-to-mention laughing like crazy). Scott’s delivery is outstanding, and his ability to size up a group and make the presentation very personal is quite an accomplishment. Scott is extremely easy to work with, and takes the time to understand what you want him to convey to your group.”

Navy Army Federal Credit Union

“You did such a nice job of establishing a positive beginning for the conference. Your presentation was a nice blend of humor and ideas the stimulated thinking.”

Nebraska Department of Education

“Your talent in creatively weaving all the highlights of the day together at the end of the conference was the icing on the cake! You certainly brought JOY to our Wisconsin audience.”

UW Extension

“A funny (and great) thing would not have happened were you not at The Special Event in New Orleans! Your session, “funny thing…” was an enormous success! You are a true professional and you style is the perfect combination of humor and message!”


“You did an EXCELLENT job! I have been thanked many times for having you close our convention! The comments on the evaluations are GREAT!”

North Dakota Long Term Care Association

“When you have an audience that is so quiet that you could hear a pin drop, plus having so hearty laughs-you’re good!! In my twenty years as IAPHCC Executive Director, you topped all of our Opening Session Keynoters!”

Illinois Association of Plumbing Heating and Cooling Contractors

“Your keynote session “the Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It” was the best session I have attended in my seven years with the A.P.O.”

Activity Professionals of Ontario

“You truly transformed the group. They were so energized and positive it was hard to believe they had been through a four-day convention”

American Health Care Association

“In all my years as a Senior Executive planning sales meetings, I have never had overwhelming kudos, high fives and positive comments about a speaker until you spoke for our group at the National Sales Meeting. You were unique because of the thoroughness of your research and how you incorporated your knowledge of our company into your presentation. Your humor and wit were absolutely top notch and right on!”

Environmental Care, Inc.

“Thanks for a great keynote presentation … and for making me look good. Everything you said you would deliver you did – and more. Your tips on how to use humor in the workplace were right on. Keep making people laugh – they need in now more than ever.”

National Management Assn

“How awesome you are! Talk about professionalism! Several members commented about how impressed they were with all the research you did. …. I also like the way you were able to take information from a very intense business meeting and turn it into a fun time for all. Thank you! Keep up the good work!”

Michigan Municipal League.

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