Thought Leaders

Mark Sanborn, CSP, CPAE – “The High-Content Speaker Who Motivates”

Mary LoVerde, MS, ANP – Author of “Stop Screaming at the Microwave”

Brian O’Malley, CSP – Adventurer, Author, & Award Winning Photographer

Eric Chester, CSP, CPAE – “Preparing teens for the real world… preparing the world for a new generation.”

Melanie Mills, CSP – “Making Sense of it All – Leveraging Change in an Ever-Changing World”

Terry Brock, CSP – Innovator who gives people ideas on how to use technology for more profit and productivity.

Sue Hershkowitz-Coore, CSP – Helping you write better, speak better and ‘get’ better!

Tim Gard, CSP – Helping you to use humor as a tool.

Brad Montgomery , CSP- Funny guy that does lots of magic with a message.

Laura Stack, MBA, CSP – “The Productivity PRO,” helping people leave the office earlier with less stress and more to show for it!”

Scott Halford, CSP – experiential and fun programs that positively change employee behavior for productivity, profitability, and morale. – Get all the inside information from the top professional speakers in the country.

Brad Nieder, MD – “The Healthy Humorist”  – Your Rx for Healthy, Healthy Living!

Jana Stanfield – Keynote Concerts! The Queen of “Heavy Mental”

George Walther -an internationally acclaimed expert at boosting personal performance, improving communication effectiveness, customer relationships, leadership.

Bill Stainton – Bill’s programs have kept thousands laughing while subtly driving home the theme of the event!

Victoria LaBalme Unique Comedic-Theatrical Performance Keynotes, Interactive Communications Programs

Chad Hymas Transforming organizations in the areas of teambuilding, leadership, customer service & mastering change

Ron Kaufman is an internationally acclaimed service and partnership innovator, based in Singapore, serving committed clients worldwide.

Jack Singer The Fun Speaker!  Dr. Jack is known as the “Patch Adams of Psychology.” His life changing motivational and inspirational keynotes and workshops will simultaneously supercharge your audience’s confidence, attitudes and creativity, while leaving them rolling in the aisles with his unique, hilarious style.

Suzanne Vaughan Inspire peak performance. Unleash your organization’s best thinking. Improve productivity and health. Ignite creativity. Believe in your potential in a whole new way.

Craig Zablocki Engaging, hilarious, transforming motivational humorist!

Scott Greenberg Leadership Training- Scott Greenberg has educated, entertained and inspired hundreds of thousands of people with his unique leadership training programs for both corporate and student audiences.

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