A Celebration a Day!

365shadowmock365 Ways to a Happier, Healthier Workplace

After reading this book, you will come to understand the power of celebration at work and in life. By turning on your GPS (Gratitude, Play, and Surprise), you will engage employees which will lead to greater productivity and team performance. Use this book as a resource to bring more joy, spontaneity, fun, and playfulness to your workplace. Get ready to create a happier, healthier workplace as you Celebrate all that is good! Order here and you will promptly be sent an electronic version!

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Lessons Learned from the World’s Most Admired Organizations

After reading this book, you will come to understand the deeply nourishing and fully transformative properties of “Vitamin C” – Celebration! Soon you will see that a healthy dose of celebration will raise your organization – along with yourself – to higher levels of engagement, productivity, well-being and success…one celebration at a time.

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Happily Ever Laughter
How to Engage Any Audience

Happily Ever Laughter” offers practical, powerful ideas for using humor to increase the value of your presentations whether it’s a meeting of five or an auditorium of 5000.  To truly engage and connect with their audience, speakers, trainers, coaches, consultants, managers, supervisors, leaders, sales professionals, and anyone who makes presentations will find the suggestions in this book invaluable.

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Using Humor For a Change
101 Clever Ways to Lighten Up the Work Load
(Third Printing 2013)

Feeling weighted down by job stress? Deadlines hanging over your head like a dark cloud? Then it’s time to LIGHTEN UP! Scott offers 101 fun, unusual and unique ideas to reduce tension at your workplace. Make the first move to take the pressure off yourself and your employees. Order today and bring more fun to work. This book also makes a great client appreciation gift!

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best_on_successOnly the Best On Success

Great Ideas for Improving your life and your business from some of America’s top speakers, trainers, consultants, and authors.

Eleven of the best speakers and trainers in the country share the “secrets” of their success with you. Scott Friedman, Shep Hyken, Sue Hershkowitz, Mark Sanborn and others offer their philosophies on topics such as customer service, success for the future, responsibility, and high performance living. These experts will instruct, entertain and inspire you to live your life more powerfully and with greater purpose. Start creating more success in your life today!

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humormeHumor Me

Humor Me! is not a joke book-although it will make you laugh. It’s not a book about comedy technique-but it can help you be funnier. It is a book about the power of laughter and humor, about the importance and value of having fun. And it’s a book chock-full of tips on how to inject more humor into your life-starting today!

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Solid gold advice for those who teach, lead & guide today’s teens from America’s top speakers and authors in education

Being a teen in today’s challenging and fast-paced world can be a frustrating and confusing experience. They face a broader range of influences and choices than ever before. But just like teens in generations past, today’s youth still need a strong foundation of guidance, support, security and love. TEEN EmPOWER offers “Solid Gold” advice on how to motivate, inspire and guide the teens of today. This book is a must read for parents, teachers, coaches and counselors – every adult who wants to empower the teens they lead and love.

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Hooked on Humor
Ideas, tips, & techniques to put more humor in your career, 
your family, and your life. 

Would you like to more easily access your sense of humor?  Would you like to learn the secrets of using humor to get more of what you want out of life? Have you always wanted to be funnier? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this audio series is for you.  Join America’s most prominent motivational humorists as they share unique insights on how to harness the power of humor. You’ll laugh; you’ll learn you’ll lighten up, as you develop your own unique sense of humor.  Every two weeks you’ll receive a 5 minute audio recording via the internet that will teach, remind, and reinforce the skills you need to utilize the power of laughter in your home and work life.

Nope… These recordings are not stand up comedy, though they will make you laugh.  Instead you’ll listen in on Scott Friedman and Brad Montgomery (and many of the nation’s top humorists) as they teach the secrets, from their perspective as humor pros to:

  • Keeping a positive attitude at work.
  • Safe techniques to incorporate humor in today’s workplace
  • How your sense of humor can increase the connection between you and your clients.
  • Tips on telling jokes (and resources for finding safe ones!)
  • How to better access humor during difficult times
  • How to improve your sense of humor
  • How to use humor to enhance staff meetings.
  • How to use humor to start conversations and ease communications
  • How to defuse tension with humor

…. And much much more.

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Staying Motivated

Two of America’s most prominent professional speakers, Scott Friedman and Brad Montgomery, share tips, tricks, ideas and techniques for staying motivated.

You’ll learn:

  • Fun and easy humor rituals to make you more positive, productive and fun
  • How being thankful helps you live a more fulfilling life
  • How serving others increases your motivation
  • How a Personal Mission Statement will help you design the life you want to live
  • How to create other’s Perfect World that will help you create your Perfect World

…and more specific ideas that you can incorporate into your life today

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prod-thebestwaytopredictThe Best Way to Predict the 
Future is to Create It 

This humorous, fun-filled program gives you the answers you need in creating the future you’d like.

Learn to make good choices as we explore new techniques in combating stress, building better relationships, discovering your unique sense of humor, and creating results.  Create a greater self-awareness as you learn to be driven by your values and purpose, not by your emotions and circumstances.  Treat yourself to a grand shot in the arm as you walk away with fresh ideas about your future.

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Punchlines, Pitfalls, and Powerful Programs
Guaranteed Ways of Adding Humor to your Presentations

This entertaining, insightful program will give you some answers in making the most of your speaking journey.  Learn to make good choices as we explore what it takes to thrive in this ever-changing, turbulent speaking industry.  Increase your value as a speaker as Scott teaches you how to play off the audience, develop original material, uncover an organization’s humor hot buttons, and who and who not to “poke fun” at in a meeting.

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